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Birthdate:Mar 30
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self centered;
NAME Sandra
AGE born 87, count for yourself
MUSIC Visual kei like Viored, Sel'm, Merry, Ruki's voice, Dir en grey. There is also love for old hard rock like KISS, Guns 'n' Roses, Led Zepplin, Iggy Pop.

if life were blue
A normal hard struggeling person that tries to achive something. It not so easy though.. I work hard to earn money, money will always be the "l" in "life". For me it means a trip back to Japan, Tokyo. But since there doesn't exist any jobs in sweden these days, I try to get into school! While doing so i try to draw and paint as much as possible and to take photos, but i'm lazy!

about what

Most of my recent enteries is quite unnessesary, it's personal and a lot of times it's about visual kei. why ? i don't know.. i have nothing else to wright about. Nothing much happens in sweden and i don't really have any money to go somewhere, but if something do happens. I will wright about it!

how to read,I also have a large section where i post viored infomation like lyrics and mosty pictures. I'm a reallt big fan of them and i try to collect everything with them since they disbanded.

Note that some of the enteris are locked; not that many but still some.


Interests (24):

-oz-, d=out, dir en grey, girugamesh, henzel, irokui, like absolute myself, marusa, meth., plastic tree, sel'm, since 1889, viored, visual kei, visual-kei, yuichi, イロクイ, イロクイ。, ガゼット, ギルガメッシュ, ナイトメア, バイオレット, メリー, 少女-ロリヰタ-23区
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